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Podcast: Benefits of eBeam Finishing with PCT

In our latest episode of PrimeTime with S-OneLP, we sat down with Tyler Matlick of PCT Ebeam and Integration to talk about the benefits of electron beam technology for finishing flexible packaging.

Tyler Matlick, PCT

“Electron beam use is wide-spread, but flexible packaging is a growing market for electron beam,” Matlick says. “The reason that it’s now all of the sudden growing is because electron beam is instant curing of an overprint varnish. There’s different ways to convert a flexible package. You can put a laminate on it, you can use different types of solvents … all kinds of different methods. An electron beam is completely in alignment with not only digital, but also with sustainability.”

PCT provides the technology and equipment for the eBeam portion of the CatPak™ finishing system, available at S-OneLP.

Listen to the full episode below, and let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover on PrimeTime with S-OneLP.