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Pack Ready for Labels: The Solution for Durable Labels



If you’re looking to produce labels durable enough to pass heat, chemical and water-resistance testing, S-OneLP is now offering Michelman DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener as part of HP’s Pack Ready for Labels solution.

Creating pressure-sensitive durable labels for cosmetics, household cleaners, auto chemicals, food, beverages and more, is now easy to achieve if you operate the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, HP Indigo WS6000 Series Digital Presses, and the HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press with inline priming units.

The new DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener is a simple and cost-effective mix-in additive that can open HP Indigo digital print service providers to new markets using the equipment you already own.

In the video above, HP introduces a solution that will increase the durability and resistance of labels using the new DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener, which is mixed with a standard varnish. After printing labels on an HP Indigo press, we chose a KustomLP gloss varnish, available exclusively at S-OneLP, which produced exceptionally durable results, according HP Solutions Architects during the testing process.