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Insider Tip: The Key to High-quality Flex Pack Printing in Fewer Steps

Let’s cut to the chase: There are just too many choices in flexible packaging design. In conventional converting/flexographic printing, you need to ask: Which substrate/sealant combination will work best for my application? Which adhesive system? How do we know when it’s fully cured? Do we have all the materials lined up, the flexo plates made and time available on the both the press and adhesive laminator? Will the package look good while having the protective barrier needed to assure the product stays intact and fresh? It’s a headache.

Since you asked … first, I’d avoid the flexo process altogether and go with a digital press. Then I’d buy a pre-fabricated structure that’s suitable for the pouch contents (food-safe, for example) in which the webs have already been laminated and fully cured. I’d sleep well knowing that the structure was chosen for its suitability for the application I have in mind, and all I’d need to do is upload artwork, put the pre-laminate on a digital press, and make roll stock. Here are steps to choosing the best pre-laminate.

  1. What is the product to be packaged?
  2. What package format, e.g. pouch, sachet or stick pack, or flow wrap?
  3. Does the package need to be clear, silver, or white?

For example, I want to make 1,000 packages for an order of sugar cookies on a horizontal flow wrap machine and the entire web will be printed. I would choose Protect-all 2mil Snack Web – White (PPC2000W), a food compliant, polyester//white sealant pre-laminate with an overall thickness of 2.0 mils. Why white? Because a white background makes colors pop.

Run the pre-laminate through the digital press, top with a water-based OPV such as Michelman DigiGuard Gloss 115, wind it up and send the roll to the co-packer for horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) packaging.

Once you know the right pre-lam to choose for the contents, the rest is a piece of cake. Ready to get started? Call S-OneLP at 941-256-7900 or email labelsandpackaging@sone.com to request a sample of a printed and OPV finished pre-lam pouch and learn about other packaging possibilities available from S-OneLP.

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