HP Indigo – Pack Ready for Labels – DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener

Now on select models of HP Indigo Digital Presses with inline priming units, you can easily create high-resistance, pressure-sensitive durable labels for a variety of harsh applications where the label must stand up to exposure to water, heat, or chemicals.

In this video, HP Indigo introduces – Pack Ready for Labels – a post-print solution that increases the durability and resistance of labels using a post-print varnishing solution of the new DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener mixed with standard, off-the-shelf UV-curable varnishes. DigiGuard 901 OPV Strengthener, which is manufactured by Michelman, acts as a crosslinker, strengthening the varnish layer by linking together all the layers: substrate, primer, ink, and varnish.