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Backside Web Viewer Allows Seamless Sleeve, Flex Pack Production

S-One Labels & Packaging has partnered with CDA for a low-cost press modification that allows narrow web converters an easier path to entering the flexible packaging and shrink sleeve markets.

We’ve said it here before, but it bears repeating. The label and flexible packaging markets are growing and growing quickly. A lot of that expansion comes from narrow web label converters looking to diversify their product offering, or digital converters who can offer faster speed to market and customized applications.

But for narrow web converters moving into these applications there is a steep learning curve, and the potential for production bottlenecks.

For starters, unlike surface printed labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging are reverse printed and require an extra step to ensure image and color quality.

The backside web viewer we offer allows the operator to run the web up and over it, so the web is coming backwards over the rewinder and an operator can read the print from the face side.

This system is similar to the web viewer at the backend of an HP Indigo 20000 digital press but is modified to fit your 13-inch press.

It’s a low-cost solution that saves operators time, shaves off an extra step, and ensures consistent color quality and image clarity before sending the finished product to your customer.

The S-OneLP and CDA backside web viewer is available to converters in the Americas and EMEA. To get started with your backside web viewer, contact us at 941-256-7900 (U.S. & Canada) and +31 43 799 5005 (EMEA) or labelsandpackaging@sone.com